Approaching Storm

There is a large winter snow storm approaching the New York City metropolitan area. We are expecting up to 2 feet of snow in New York City and Northern New Jersey. The snow storm, Blizzard Jonas, has already started pummeling the East Coast from the Carolinas to the Washington, DC metropolitan area. We expect the snow storm to start this evening and continue through tomorrow. This is the first snowstorm of the season.

We at Silicon Servers are fully prepared for this storm. Both of our 2 data centers have multiple levels of redundant systems, and are both built to Tier III level of certification. This means that no shutdowns are required to replace and maintain data center equipment. There is also a redundant delivery path for power and cooling.

In addition, Silicon Servers’ network and power equipment has been designed for multiple layers of redundancy, so that the failure of one piece of equipment will not bring down our network. Our Internet connections consist of multiple BGP feeds of multiple providers so that a network failure with one carrier will not affect our client’s Internet access.

Our New York City data center has been operational for 16+ years. During this time has experienced zero (0) downtime, including during 9/11, the Northeast Blackout of 2003, and Hurricane Irene in 2011 and Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Our Northern New Jersey data center was opened in 2012, and has also experienced zero (0) downtime, including during Hurricane Sandy in 2012. This data center was the central data center for Samsung North America before they moved offices.

The data centers will have staff on-site 24/7 before, during, and after the storm. We at Silicon Servers will also have staff monitoring our equipment 24/7 during the storm to respond to any issues should they occur.

You can view real-time updates of the storm and Silicon Server’s systems via our Network Operations (NOC) twitter account which can be found at:

Please report any emergency issues to either: or 212-321-0241, both accounts are monitored 24/7.