Blizzard Jonas Update 2

We received the 2nd most snowfall ever recorded in New York City yesterday at 26.8”, a tenth of an inch from the record of 26.9” which received in 2006.

New York City was under a travel ban from 2pm yesterday until 7am this morning. No traffic was allowed on the roads, and all tunnels and bridges in and out of the city were closed. Also a large part of the subway and other mass transit options were shutdown or running on reduced schedules.

Today the city is digging out from the storm, the travel ban has been lifted, and all tunnels, bridges, and most mass transit options are open and running.

We experienced 0 issues at our 2 data centers in New York City and Northern New Jersey.

Our NYC DC at 365 was mentioned in a news article yesterday, you can read it here:

Please report any emergency issues to either: or 212-321-0241, both accounts are monitored 24/7.